My own animation projects in which I created everything from start to finish, including assets modelling, texturing, scene setup, lighting, rendering, character rigging, animation and VFX. Software: Maya, 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Torpogun, Crazy Bump, After Effect




Architecture visualisation for game, a project I created in MA 3D CGI class in 2011. I used Maya, Zbrush, Torpogun, Crazy Bump for modelling, lighting, rendering and camera animation, Photoshop for texturing, and After Effects for video compositing.  All the artworks was done following game art creation pipeline: low poly models with maps projected from high poly versions, multi-pass animation rendering. I took reference from real-life architecture and artworks.


Sand man character designed for a game group project at my MSc Computer Game in 2014. The character was builed in 3Ds Max with sand particle, morpher animation for the cloak, Normal map was painted with viewport canvas tool in 3Ds Max, textures in Photoshop.


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